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Dear Woodcarvers

Plans for 2017

After 21 happy years living in Walton at the Old Primary School, and 18 very fulfilling years of teaching, I have now re-located to Stackpole in Pembrokeshire and have developed a new wood carving workshop. Please visit www.thecarvingroom.co.uk

The good news is that the carving classes will continue here in Walton!

I greatly appreciate that so many of you have been attending these classes here for so many years now. I would really like the classes to continue locally in a similar way and with this in mind, I recently approached a very experienced wood carver, Charles Oldham from Frome.

The nice news is that Charles Oldham is very keen to take on these classes here at the old primary school.

Charlie is a very talented wood carver, he has been carving for well over 30 years and he is very good at it!! Specialising in interior architectural carving, 3d animal carvings and carving in relief.

I have known Charlie for 20 years and feel reassured that I am leaving the role of wood carving tutor in capable hands, Charlie is also a very nice and patient man.

He has been teaching a city and guilds course for some years.

He is currently completing some carvings for Kensington Palace.

Charles Oldham website is www.charlesoldhamwoodcarving.co.uk

Charlie came over to the workshop at the beginning of last term, he liked the way the classes are run here and is very keen to continue on a similar footing.

I really hope that this is the very best way forward for those of you who wish to continue progressing in your woodcarving, deepening and developing your skills and flourish as wood carvers!

With kindest regards,


Click here for Charlie Oldham's welcome message to students

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